My body is even like lust
My body inside is like a monster
My voice wakes everyone up in the house
My voice is quiet inside my body
My sex pleases the girls when lovemaking
My bones move places when popped out


Flow wind flow beneath my heart
My heart beats like a sad fool’s
Down in the depths of my heart
Sleep, be calm my beating heart

Wait for me dear heart,
Tell me you love me
Let me show why I love you so
Never never let me go


A monster
Lots of peanut butter
loads of chocolate sprinkles
lots of slimy, nourishing blobs of  mango

My Family

Pop understands my ways,
he never forgets cool songs.
Uncle Rocky hops around
and gets on the booze.
Dad has lovely smooth skin.
looks like a Solomon warrior,
sings with a voice of an angel.
Mum is one happy hot jumping bean,
a jelly that doesn’t set when she is stressed.
She deserves a gold medal
for living with me!


The walls around me are taller than sky scrapers
The walls are up, up, up
From down here on the ground they look incredibly horrible
From down here on the ground they look incredibly horrible
From down here on the ground they look incredibly horrible
There is no way over
There is no way around
There is no way even if I could fly
They would shoot me down
Ground level has come to me
Lower level to me

I want to be up there with the birds, clouds, angels, fairies and stars
Flying would be great
But my wings only come in my dreams
Big golden wings like a dragon with scales
Golden wings to fly over the walls and be free to be me
Be me, be me

See me down here no wings, no facilitator
Just a nothing with no voice, no education
No useful purpose
Hear me scream! Hear me shriek! Words flow!
Hear me groan! Hear my words!
Give me wings to let my words fly over the wall

Maybe the walls will come down.

Shane and the Monsters

Shane has monsters inside his brain
Shane has demons inside his brain
Shane wants to be able to fight off the demons and monsters
But it’s hard! Hard! Hard!
Hard as a rock
Hard as a stone
Hard as a high hill when you are all alone.
“Very hard” he said, and his arm was heavy
His body was heavy
His soul was heavy
His mind was heavy with aching heaviness
Crazy spirals of madness swirled around him.
He was lost in the freezing mists of confusion and despair.
Being able to type gave him some hope
But still the monsters laughed and destroyed his happiness.

But there was a time when it began to change
He left the school for idiots
And began his journey into the world of people and joy.
The journey began slowly and he wasn’t very good at it.
Getting better,
Little by little he groped his way forward
Sliding in the mud of autism that threatened to smother him at every step.
Sometimes he was on solid ground
But it was mostly slow but steady.
He was able to climb the hill and knew that one day it would be easier.

FC is a pretty mad way to communicate but when I let someone hold my hand it became easier for me to let people know about my moods and wants.
It was a bit hard to look at myself in my old videos in my younger days, because I resisted FC at first.
I didn’t do a good job with sitting and being facilitated.
A therapist called Leia believed in me. She knew I was clever and could do FC.
I know a good FC person now and she makes my life worth living.
Love you mum because you looked at everything much more than some mums and I finally found the right one.
I’ve been using FC for almost 10 years now, but my life changed for the better when I met Alice and the gang from the Brotherhood. Now I have purpose and meaning in my life, an amazing love of words to play with. Now I can move on as a poet and a writer.

FC!  FC!  FC!
Please love people
who have no voice.
Positive life,
a good heart would be great,
more kind people moving it forward.