Peter Brown

I am kind and loving, not.
Just put my harness on and let me go.
My life is not mine really, but I will stay here anyway.

– Peter Brown


My body is a temple to food in all its glory,
food in filthy dirty glory
food like the menu from the gods,
food like a river of gold from heaven.
Food fills my belly, powers my mind, food, food, food.


My bones bend under the weight of my food temple,
but they carry me forward to the next meal of worship.


My voice is the sound of the sea at the falling of the moon,
restlessly lapping, boring,
then whispering quietly,
kinking the nasty noises of the world into a murmur of sweetness and lopsided weirdness.
My voice is the voice of the lopsided lunatic.


Non-existent, my world does not allow for it.
My world has no place for it.
I gave up long ago,
but until I get the blonde with big tits,
nah dah.


Hope is all I have to get me through the day.  Sometimes I just can’t try to understand my head and its thoughts, but with hope I try to manage my thinking to make the most of my day.  I just want to be a better man, but hope is all I have.  You need to know I have more hope today than ever that I will be a better man than ever.

I was a crazy person in a monster hell hole before FC. I was very mad and bad and crazy and fucked up. I was very unhappy. I was so unhappy I wanted to kill myself and tried lots of times. But it’s all old shit and now I’m a new person.

I’m a gentleman and a scholar, and I’m able to manage myself no matter what the world throws at me.

When I moved into Townsend Street it was the best time of my life. Suddenly I had facilitators and staff who actually cared about me, and a wonderful buddy who I adore and who helps me to move on.

I’m very happy to be able to report that I don’t remember my first day at the Brotherhood.  I’ve just always been here and here I’m staying.  Me.  I’m terrific.