Samantha Rogers


I am the pink princess of poetry
I say what I have in my heart
I am a lady of worth.

My body is very naughty but its mine.
My body is a bugger.
My body is Mike’s only.

My voice is in my body – hear me scream.
My voice can talk to fairies, shhhh.
My voice left me when I was little.  Bye voice.

My sex is alive and kicking – look out.
My sex is hidden behind the curtain of my stupid body.
My sex is a roaring tiger waiting for its kill.
My sex is a roaring pink tiger waiting for its kill.

My bones are jiggly, juggly, boney and stiff.
My bones ache for love and lust.
My bones can tell who’s been naughty and nice.

I miss having my cords with me all day.
I miss being young enough to be naughty and cute enough to get away with it.

I want to learn how to get drunk so I can miss it.
It might make me feel weird.
It might make my head go funny.
I could probably vomit and make a big mess.
I could become a crazy cat and do many silly things.
But it still might be heaps of fun.
I miss that fun I haven’t had. Come and play with me fun.
I have never had a sore head the next day.
I sometimes now have trouble remembering things.  It could be worse.
I am much prettier without it.
Other people are prettier with it.
I am much, much funnier without it, I hope.


If you would just visit my love
You would see me.
If you would see my love
you would see it was an exquisite jewel
awaiting just for you.
Look at it my love!
See it glisten!
It is for you,
it is my love.

Samantha Rogers 2013

I had a long time with no words and lots of baby TV and music.
I was sometimes good at letting people know what I wanted, but nothing compares to words.
FC was like a dream come true, I could tell people I was clever, I was 20.
It is very hard sometimes to get my body to concentrate and behave to do it.
I wish I could just talk effortlessly like most people.
I am much happier now that people can see past my stupid body.
No more baby shows.  I am 28 years old.
But it is hard too; I can’t hide as much, and have to be more responsible for my actions.

I have had so many great things happen since I could type.
I have written for conferences.
I joined the Brotherhood of the Wordless where I can have my words how I want them.
Best of all I can be brave and on a stage – it surprises everyone.

I am a woman too and I am in love.
I am engaged to the love of my life, Michael Russell.
Some people will find that very hard to deal with, but we don’t care.

It has changed me a lot as a person but I am still the me I have always been.

My last words would be: I will miss you Mum.  Keep pinking on.
The people in the town I ruled would say:  “Sam really knew how to paint the town pink, no really, there was pink paint everywhere.”
Mike would say:  “Sam was the hottest lover in the land.  Go, go, go, girl.”