My body is in an eternal cave which will cool down after the volcano erupts.
My voice echoes inside of me to water the hollow in my throat.
My sex will be with me forever.
My bones will crumble.

I miss my Mum and Dad.
I miss my dog Sheba.
I miss not being able to talk to my family and friends.

I can’t communicate with anyone other than doing facilitated communication.
It hurts because I have so much to say.
It hurts because nobody knows what I really think and feel.

If I could talk, I could become so much more than I am.
Not talking allows me to sit back and watch others do things for me
like housework, cleaning and taking the rubbish out.
It allows me to meet new people like you and Ashleigh.


It was hot and humid
Waves crashed and rolled in
Winds roared, trees fell
Sand blasted the beach
House stills and you can see how much trash
Cleaning starts
Chainsaws rattle.


I was born in Australia where I lived with my Mum, Dad and sister.  We moved to America after a while.  I went to main stream school where I met Nick, my best friend.  Now I live on my own. I came to the Brotherhood the year I started FC.  Mum and Dad told me about it.  Mum told me that the group writes poems and stories.

My last words would be: “Keep up the fresh outlook after I’m gone”.

The other dead people in the freed up place in the heavens would say “What a fantastic fellow he was.  He brought us out of the frozen ground and gave us new breath”.