Gayle Shortland


My body

is a monument to food.
I am a chocolate cake and pizza, milk and honey.
Green, luscious, growing things all the world delights, rolled up in one greeny meal.
Eat, enjoy, feast.
Worms, here I come.


My mind.

You hear beautiful sounds in my mind
if you listen.
I can sing exquisite songs.
Visit my mind.

My voice.

Sweetness and light.
Music and delight.
Angels and demons.
I am a voice of the disabled trapped in the prison of the brain.
Now hear all you vicious doubting bastards.
I am free at last.

My sex – Lip, mouth, not my beautiful home.


A very cold and lonely place with blackness all around me.
I lie and listen for worms coming to eat my flesh.
My bones will one day be clean and white,
and my teeth will grin forever.


At 93 Gayle lost her will to live. She decided to give up trying to change the world to make it a better place for everyone who cannot speak. She wanted you to know that she has had some success but lots of failures too.
She hopes she has outlived most of the bastards who didn’t believe her words, so stuff them all. She won!
Read her books to get the full story.
Bye Gayle. You did it. Well done. Say Hi to the angels.
What a wonderful woman she was.


Rain more rain
You heard howling wind
Lots of people lost
You hope they found them.


I look in the mirror
Go into my mind
I hear busy noises
None make much sense to me.
But each time
Busy noises gong
I think I know
how  to be very happy.
I go into my mind
Just for happy memories.
You can be very happy
if you might try this too.


My name is Gayle.  I use FC to talk.  No one knows my thoughts unless I tell them, but I cannot say the words in my head. FC has opened the door.  Now I know how to tell people my thoughts. One day Alice asked if I wanted to use an iPad.  I liked it, but nothing is like saying  the words.

I like to say what I think.  Using FC I can talk just like anyone.  To do the normal things you need to talk.  It feels like flying in the air like a bird.  Before it felt like sinking in a hole.  I want everyone to do this with me.

To come to the Brotherhood is my joy.  Going each time for the meeting makes my week.  You understand what it is like not to have words.