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  • Undercover Artist Festival

    Undercover Artist Festival

    Brotherhood of the Wordless will be live at the Undercover Artist Festival Location:QPAC studio, 78 Montague Road West End Date & Time5pm, June 27, 2015 There will be a market and food stalls in the park, it should be a great day. Hope to see you there!

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  • Peter Brown

    Peter Brown

    Body My body is a temple to food in all its glory,food in filthy dirty gloryfood like the menu from the gods,food like a river of gold from heaven.Food fills my belly, powers my mind, food, food, food. Bones My bones bend under the weight of my food temple,but they carry me forward to the […]

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  • Lucy Blackman

    Lucy Blackman

    Yes, I am a writer and a poet And I actually composed poetry in my soul, and then my mind when all my language was inside me. Now I write for fun, and so I need to stand outside myself and look at who I am. Brown hair, size 12 woman, flapping fingers and the […]

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  • Margaret Flanagan

    Margaret Flanagan

    Visitors Queer glistening visitorscame with exquisite food to delight our mouths.We danced and sang and died poisoned. Love My love is keenMy love is waningMy love is full of flavourBut not seasoned. Disability Qld Who’s life is disabled – you or me?Service Standards – The brakes not working.Carer – Love me tender.  My heart is […]

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  • Complex Communication Needs: Leadership Seminar

    Complex Communication Needs: Leadership Seminar

    As part of the generous grant from the Community Resource Unit (CRU) to develop leadership skills within the group, we will be making another presentation on the subject at the Brisbane International Motel on October 7th. The aim is to inform the public about the talents of people with disabilities and help them address our […]

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