Luke Cowan

I am a photographer
I am a weary wanderer
I am a pig lover.

– Luke Cowan

I’m sitting at the table by a window in my home.  The sunlight streams across the weave of the cloth under my meal.  The aroma of eggs and bacon drifts into my nostrils.  The smell brings water to my mouth and cravings to my stomach.  The first bite is as scrumptious as I had anticipated, my tongue bombarded with flavours that give pleasure to my stomach and mind.

The shift of light brought my attention outside the window.  Right there under my window was a woman who had hair of gold and skin white as milk.  She was naked, standing lost in the world.  In that moment I knew she was too traumatized to know where she was.  I took my first step towards her and she flinched in fear.  I needed to find a way to connect with this beautiful creature.  The woman was feeling too frightened to allow me to give her my hand in help. My fear of frightening her was so great, though my drive to help greater still.  I had to find a way.  I gave her my quilt to cover her nakedness.  This gave her a sense of safety in the world which had treated her so cruelly. She needed to forgive the world and trust again the path she needed to take.  I gave her my hand.  I gave her my heart.  I gave her my soul.  She handed me her name.  She handed me her all and her soul.  We merged into love and her trauma was healed.

In this world over breakfast we heal our hearts in love.


Great smash of rain on my window
tap dancer in stiletto heels
trees flying
smells clean


The exquisite pig
Went to visit the queen
He rode his motorcycle
It made his heart glisten.


I miss you being with me
My darling wife
The serenity of the beach behind the surf
I find the sirens are laughing at me

I miss the emotional feeling of love, my love
The hug and feel of touch
Hold me tight and look into my eyes
Be mine forever more my love

My love has gone to heaven
My love is sleeping tight
My love is in the waiting
Be with me, my love.

I was fortunate to grow up in a loving family. We were blessed with good friends who supported me. I went to Windsor State School where I was the odd one out. I sometimes wish I could have been more accepted as the intelligent, gifted person I am. But that would not come till later.

I was introduced to facilitated communication by Penny, a worker at Mamre, when I was in my 20s. Using FC has been a life saver. It has really saved me from a life of being viewed as someone who is less than everyone. The first time I used FC I was so amazed at how I could get my words out of my head and onto paper.  It was exhilarating.  I was an adult and I was living at home with Mum and Pa.  My life was opened up and it gave me freedom to express myself.

I plan to go to see the Edinburgh Military Tattoo in August, 2014.

I went to my brother Patrick’s wedding in Port Macquarie. I was his best man.

I enjoy teaching the children at the Ferny Grove State School about poetry once a fortnight. I have spoken at conferences: the one in Melbourne was about moving out of home. Community Resource Unit (CRU) presented a conference in Ireland explaining how you can live independently, using me as a case study.

The Brotherhood of the Wordless has made a significant difference to my life.