Margaret Flanagan


Queer glistening visitors
came with exquisite food to delight our mouths.
We danced and sang and died poisoned.


My love is keen
My love is waning
My love is full of flavour
But not seasoned.

Disability Qld

Who’s life is disabled – you or me?
Service Standards – The brakes not working.
Carer – Love me tender. 

My heart is grateful.

At the Brotherhood of the Wordless meeting in August 2013 the writers were asked to say how they felt about the upcoming performance. Margi’s response was as follows:-

Queer times ahead
I m so excited
I m going to be an artist
From dumbo to artist in a few short months.

..When asked to provide an image to match this feeling…

A huge glowing ball of joy … ‘Me’.

The director of show, David Stavanger, was so impressed with this work that he used Margie and this piece to open the show at the Brisbane Writers Festival.

Getting FC has amazed and delighted me. I am very keen to be involved and have a say.  I have lots to say.  The way people see us is important to change.  I like to be treated just like everyone else.  We need to deliver the message to lots of schools so that our really hard drive is not wasted.  Teach FC in schools.


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Luke Cowan

Margaret Flanagan

Peter Brown

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